What people are saying about Meya2s

"My Meya2s are beautiful, comfortable and exceedingly elegant. Designed and handcrafted with love, they are by far my favorite earrings!"
Rebecca S. - Lees Summit, MO

"Your ear wires are outstanding. I have been on a quest for a decent pair of ear wires that I could wear 24 hours a day. In fact, I have been wearing them continuously for almost 3 weeks now. . I plan to donate about 95% of the other earrings that I currently own. Yours are the only ones that I need.

The design is everything that you promised. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner. Im not sure how I ended up on the website, but Im so glad I did. Ill be ordering another pair soon and Ill tell anyone that stands still long enough that these are the best!"

Shelia R - Bethany, OK

"I wear my Meya2s every single day! I get so many compliments on them, theyre great!"
Brianna R (age 14) E. Patchogue, NY

"My Meya2s are homemade by a family member. They match with almost all of my clothes. They are the best earrings I own!"
Nicole R (age 9) E. Patchogue, NY

"I love my Meya2s."
Krista R (age 7) E. Patchogue, NY

"Meya2s ear wires are wonderfully comfortable and when paired with her beautiful designs, a joy to wear!"
Trish S - Bolingbrook, IL

"I love these wires and find them to be very comfortable. I am a jewelry artist and I am incorporating your wires into some of my earrings. I think they will be a great success. I just ordered more!"
Jackie S - Peoria, IL

"I added some crystals to one pair and gave them for Christmas. She thought they were beautiful. I'm saving the other pairs I bought for another special occasion. "
Linda B - Emerson, GA

"Love the earrings and the shape of the wires. Thank you!"
Gail H - South Portland, ME

"My earrings are stunning!"
Michelle F - Augusta, ME

"Have you ever lost a favorite earring? You won't ever have to worry about that again. The ear wires fit snugly yet comfortably. The earrings themselves are unique and exquisite. Expect many compliments!"
Ann C - Augusta, ME

"I adore every pair of meya2s that I own. The ear wires have been crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions of my earlobes so they comfortably balance the embellishment while staying in place. Meya2s are such versatile earrings; of the pairs that I own, I can always find a pair to compliment every outfit in my wardrobe."
Melissa O - Olathe, KS

"Whenever I wear my meya2s everyone always compliments on what a great concept they are. They want to know where they can get a pair. Also, I never have to worry about them falling out. I can put them on and I actually don't have to keep checking my ears all day to see if they are still there. Meya2s are the only way to go."
Michelle R - East Patchogue, NY

"I have found Mary Pongonis's meya2s earwires to be extremely comfortable, light weight and easy to insert. Have had numerous compliments and haven't lost them yet!"
Nancy W - Brookhaven, NY

"Meya2s are amazing! The right angle of the earring wire makes such a secure fit and the earring designs are absolutely beautiful!"
Trish T - Gardiner, ME

"Very comfortable earrings!"
Michelle T - Clermont, GA

"Meya2s are a simple design which is long overdue. Meya2s remain stationary with no slippage or sliding out or indentations to the ear lobes. They are delicate and sophisticated and can be worn comfortably with casual, business or evening wear. I am hooked on them."
Judith Ann M - Bellport, NY

"I don't know many people who got their ears pierced with a hook...so why are earring wires curved? Meya2s are straight..like our ear holes. They're GREAT! Finally comfortable earrings without the worry that they'll fall out."
Amy A- Norfolk, VA

"I enjoy wearing the earrings-they are very light, so far I have no fear of losing them, as I do other wires."
Meta R - Brookhaven, NY

"Regular earrings always poke into the back of my ears, but the design by meya2s is squared off, so it doesn't. Also because of the design they never fall out."
Jen P - Chapel Hill, NC

"Meya2s earrings are quality, beauty and comfort all in one. I find it rare that any one line of jewelry can be all of these qualities while being affordable too! Great job meya2s."
Hannah J - West Farmington, ME

"Dear Mary: Just a quick note to tell you how great your meya2s earrings are, so easy to wear. Great! Comfortable - I wear mine often. What a wonderful idea you had. Thank you! Thank you!"
Beverly P - Augusta, ME

"Today's fashion jewelry often overlooks attractive options for men. Meya2s provide value, comfort, and style for men and women. They are a perfect fit for me."
Sean G. K. - West Farmington, ME

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  • Patent Granted For Right-Angled Pierced-Ear Wire Design

    AUGUSTA, MAINE November 21, 2006 Mary E. Pongonis, jeweler, artist and inventor announces issuance of design patents US D527300, US D528938, and US D531928 for her right-angled pierced ear wires Meya2s (me-ya-twos).  The designs provide ear wires that are fashionable and versatile, while comfortably fitting the wearer, as they rest in the horizontal straight-line pierced-ear passageway.