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Create 9 combinations of earrings with one pair of Melissas!, posted on 02 Jan 2007 by admin

Create 9 combinations of earrings with one pair of Melissas!

The popular Melissa Collection is a combination of free moving "legs" of varying lengths adorned with gemstones, pearls and/or crystals.

One Pair of Melissa Earrings made with three sterling silver "legs" can be adjusted to form nine complete fashionable combinations.

Alteration Tip:

In order to add or remove embellishments from your Meya2s, push the hoop from its initial position (1) to the side (2, 3) using your fingers. By moving the hoop to the side, instead of pulling it straight out from the ear wire, the hoop will move more easily back into the closed position (1, 4).

This technique provides the wearer the ability to manipulate a versatile collection like the Melissa's. It also allows you to lengthen or shorten earrings (4) with changing hairstyles or social events.

Posted on 02 Jan 2007 by admin

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  • Patent Granted For Right-Angled Pierced-Ear Wire Design

    AUGUSTA, MAINE November 21, 2006 Mary E. Pongonis, jeweler, artist and inventor announces issuance of design patents US D527300, US D528938, and US D531928 for her right-angled pierced ear wires Meya2s (me-ya-twos).  The designs provide ear wires that are fashionable and versatile, while comfortably fitting the wearer, as they rest in the horizontal straight-line pierced-ear passageway.