Meya2s Artist Bio - Mary E Pongonis

Mary E. Pongonis – inventor, jeweler, quilter, dressmaker, photographer.

I began creating clothing in the 60’s, while living on Long Island, NY

In February 2009, we moved to 1101 Fillmore Road, (BSL) Southport, NC.  Prior to re-locating, my unique designs were created in my Studio (201 Cony Street-Augusta, ME).  We maintain two web sites; one for my quilts “Seapo Creations” ( and one for my patented pierced-ear wire designs, which go by the trade name “Meya2s” (

My works can also be seen at Gifted Hands Gift Shop - Kansas City, MO, Kennebec River Artisans – Hallowell, ME.

The Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel (Augusta and Waterville, Maine newspapers) featured “Meya2s” in their Sunday paper on September 11, 2005, and September 17, 2006, when they announced issuance of the first patent.

Lapidary Journal Magazine featured my “Meya2s” design in the “Product News” section in their December 2005 issue (page 50), with an addendum (to reflect that the design was “patent pending”) in their February 2006 issue (page 13).

Meya2s have also been featured in the November 2006 and August 2007 “Fashion Forward” sections of the Kansas City Star, and in the December 2006, November 2007, August 2008 and November 2008 issues of In Store Magazine.

My right-angled pierced-ear wire design evolved from one Design Patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to three.   As each time the direction of the front loop changed (inward, outward, sideward), the USPTO considered it a new (patentable) design!

United States Design Patent D527300 was issued on August 29, 2006 for the sideward loop design.  On September 26, 2006 Design Patent D528938 was issued for the outward loop design.  On November 14, 2006 Design Patent D531928 was issued for the inward facing loop design.

I am a mother of three daughters and one son, currently residing in Southport (Boiling Spring Lakes), North Carolina with my husband Philip Stacy, and our youngest daughter.

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  • Patent Granted For Right-Angled Pierced-Ear Wire Design

    AUGUSTA, MAINE November 21, 2006 Mary E. Pongonis, jeweler, artist and inventor announces issuance of design patents US D527300, US D528938, and US D531928 for her right-angled pierced ear wires Meya2s (me-ya-twos).  The designs provide ear wires that are fashionable and versatile, while comfortably fitting the wearer, as they rest in the horizontal straight-line pierced-ear passageway.