Meya2's ear wire against a red flower pedal

The story behind the Design of Meya2s - the new patented right-angled ear wire

The idea of a right-angled pierced-ear wire began several years ago as a design that "made sense." Ears are pierced with a horizontal line, and should be complimented accordingly.

The anatomy of Meya2s. Showing the shaft, front leg, back lef and loop.

The Anatomy of Meya2s

Meya2s are created to comfortably fit the wearer. This is accomplished by the following design elements:

  • 1. shaft
  • 2. front leg
  • 3. back leg
  • 4. loop


Meya2s with an inward facing loop.

The Inward Facing Loop

The first of three designs granted a patent.



Meya2s with an outward facing loop.

The Outward Facing Loop

The second of three designs granted a patent.



Meya2s with a sideward facing loop.

The Sideward Facing Loop

The third of three designs granted a patent.

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Meya2s Jewelry News & Events

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  • Patent Granted For Right-Angled Pierced-Ear Wire Design

    AUGUSTA, MAINE November 21, 2006 Mary E. Pongonis, jeweler, artist and inventor announces issuance of design patents US D527300, US D528938, and US D531928 for her right-angled pierced ear wires Meya2s (me-ya-twos).  The designs provide ear wires that are fashionable and versatile, while comfortably fitting the wearer, as they rest in the horizontal straight-line pierced-ear passageway.